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Cotonou, Benin

Projected opening date: 2022

Area: 7650 m2

Have you ever known that…

Sundukovy Sisters studio has a separate department working specifically with premium brands such as Sofitel, Raffles, Four Seasons and others? Our specialists have extensive experience in working with noble materials, brands and manufacturers of designer furniture that meets the highest standards.

In the luxury hotel interiors of Sofitel Cotonou French philosophy of art-de-Vivre meets the unique culture of Benin in a new modern interpretation. Combined design elements bring ideology of the Sofitel brand to life, favoring guests with an exceptional feeling of privilege.

Reflection in our design

In the lobby, French sober elegance is reflected in the classic symmetrical layout, while Benin is conveyed in striking details – wooden tables, floor lamps, ornamented carpets, rugs, pillows and the floor ornament. The color palette mixes classical white, referencing French interiors and shades of Benin’s traditional savannah, clothing and architecture.

The central volume, enveloping columns with decorative bookshelf partitions serves several goals: causes a WOW-effect from the entrance; emphasizes the building architecture (second-level space and columns); creates zoning by hiding the bar, which remains visible from the entrance, elevators and restaurant, attracting guests. In the nighttime, the lobby sparkles with eye-catching details and an unexpected mix of elements: classic French plasterwork, floral allusions referencing the local botanical garden, traditional masks and prints of Benin, paintings in classical frames. Sculptural light runs through the stacks and descends over the bar. A focal element of a water body at the entrance gives a nod to the canal of Cotonou and the Atlantic.

A refined room interior links French sophisticated classical architecture, contemporary furniture in calm tones, natural materials and luxurious details. The French pattern of travertine floor parquet refers both to classical French interiors and African zigzag ornaments. Bright ethnic details appear subtly, not to overload the space for relaxation: a vivid African pattern, seen only with the cabinet door open; wardrobe handles; lighting elements, inspired by the lightning of Paris streets during the reign of Louis XIV, when a lamplighter would light up the lanterns lining up the streets of the city, allowing citizens to enjoy the evening in safety.

Key points for success

By shifting the round bar, Sundukovy Sisters created a focus point visible from all spots in lobby and restaurant. The seating area features soft and inviting furniture, accent lights and rugs, all of which add a living room touch, providing guests’ comfort.

In the restaurant, designers focused on creating a comfortable, good-value, relaxed and fancy ambience, which brings France’s best things: great food, wine, and good company. The seating is soft and comfortable with palm trees outlining private zones. The open kitchen allows guests to admire the magical process of French cuisine cooking.

In rooms of Sofitel, guests find themselves in a relaxed atmosphere of luxury, shaped by noble, sleek materials. The bathroom gives adds SPA-feeling and tangy sensations.

Sundukovy Sisters conveyed exquisite French interiors of Sofitel Cotonou through a lens of Beninese culture, bringing guests a new and sophisticated experience of enjoying life, everyday indulgence and hedonism.

The Team:
Design: Irina & Olga Sundukovy.
Art director Valeria Rykova
Designers: Lyudmila Belskikh, Alina Nesterenya, Olga Soinova, Knara Boyakhchyan, Vera Shakotko, Vera Belous
Visualization: Vladimir Dimchoglo, Sergey Ivlev, Mikhail Zhuravlev, Olga Sasykina, Sergey Peykarov, Ivan Chirvin, Natalya Inkova, Maksim Ryabtsev
Procurement: Svetlana Bats, Narine Anisimova, Ekaterina Kapustina, Anna Mukhina
Project manager: Anna Golovanchikova

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