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Nestled within the esteemed Four Seasons Hotel DIFC in Dubai, Luna Sky Bar is undergoing a transformative renovation led by the renowned Sundukovy Sisters (S+S studio). This ambitious project extends to the neighboring Churchill Cigar Bar and Penrose Lounge, enhancing the entire guest experience within the iconic hotel.


At the heart of the design concept lies the symbolism of the moon, revered for its mystical influence on the night. While drawing inspiration from Art Deco aesthetics, the interior will feature a captivating moon installation at the bar area, evoking the ethereal glow of moonlight. Dark and golden tones will dominate the palette, complemented by luxurious textures and subtle embellishments for an ambiance of timeless elegance.

Terrace Design
The terrace is reimagined as a multifunctional space, seamlessly blending VIP zones, open dining areas, and cocktail tables. Art installations reflecting the phases of the moon adorn the terrace, enhancing its allure while preserving unobstructed views of the cityscape and Burj Khalifa. Greenery adds vibrancy and delineates zones within the expansive terrace.

Art Integration
Artistic partitions reflecting various moon phases will zone the space, crafted from brass, glass, and stone to create captivating visual effects. Greenery will be strategically incorporated to add vibrancy and define different areas within the terrace.

Bespoke lighting fixtures from Ambientec Lighting, such as the crystalline cordless table lamps, infuse the space with an enchanting play of light, evoking the mesmerizing radiance of moonbeams.

Furniture Plan
The furniture layout maximizes space utilization while fostering social interaction. Long sofas encourage communication, while centrally positioned tables with semi-bar seating cater to the energetic vibe near the DJ stand. A laconic brass railing provides privacy without compromising the panoramic views.

The renovation of Luna Sky Bar at Four Seasons DIFC promises to captivate guests with its celestial charm and S+S Studio creative touch. Through meticulous design interventions and thoughtful integration of art and lighting, the revamped bar will offer an unparalleled sensory experience, inviting patrons to indulge in the magic of the night sky amidst the dynamic backdrop of Dubai’s skyline.

The Team:
Design: Olya & Ira Sundukovy
Art director: Valery Rykova, Olga Soinova
Lead Designer: Alina Nesterenia
Designer: Tatiana Markovich , Ivan Mirolyubov
Visualization: Olga Sasykina, Sregey Ivlev, Vasiliy Zaykin, Vladimir Dimchoglo
Procurement: Svetlana Bats
Architecture: Andrey Korpachev, Marina Sorokina, Sonya Bondarenko, Maria Poltoratskaya
Project manager: Daria Dogadaylo

Photo credit: Four Seasons



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