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Москва, Россия

Opening date: 2016

ZOTMAN Pizza Pie in the shopping centre “ZAR” on Rublyovo-Uspensky highway – the fourth restaurant in a chain of pizzerias owned by Dmitry Zotov and Sergey Krylov.

The wood-burning oven with Zotman’s logotype is an important component of any pizzeria. In this case, we made the oven the central element of the interior, a kind of centre of attraction as it can be seen from everywhere in the restaurant. The entire layout of the restaurant starts with the stove. The guests can not only see the process of cooking, but if they wish, they can try their hand at cooking on a nearby stand for master classes.

The restaurant consists of several zones: it is the main hall, a transformable hall that may be used for different events and a summer veranda on the second floor. The panoramic glazing is on one side only, so to allow natural light to reach the farthest corners of the restaurant we made the space of the main hall multilevel, in the form of several podiums. The seating in such a solution became more interesting.

To create a sense of warm, home-like cosy space in the decor we gave preference to natural materials. Marble to roll out the dough, wood is used for serving, copper reflects the falling light, creating a warm and soft glow that sets the tone and mood of the pizzeria guests.

The furniture deserves special attention. Antique wooden armchairs, antique console, table lamps – things with history here neighbours with recognizable factory brands.

In the design of the veranda, we used the same techniques as in the main rooms: broken lines, wood, copper and lots of greenery create a few cosy corners for privacy and unhurried conversation.

Photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov

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