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Vrubel Residential Complex
Moscow, Russia

Design project completed in 2020.
Area: 156 m2

Did You Know That …

The sales office of Vrubel premium apartment complex performs two functions: demonstrates the interior design for apartments and public areas and acts as an office, where property sales occur, from initial consultations to concluding deals.

Sundukovy Sisters designed an office interior, which is optimally suited for efficient work processes, yet conveys the atmosphere of homely warmth and comfort, which is what the customers come for in the first place.


Reflection in Our Design

The first thing that visitors see from the entrance is the reception area, showing porcelain stoneware mosaics with the company logo, imitating natural stone and referring to Vrubel’s picturesque paintings.  The same finishing elements are used in the entrance zone of the residential complex.

Signature design elements, such as a chandelier with colored gems and a design carpet in shades typical of Vrubel, bring focus to the round table, exhibiting an architectural model of the building.

Wall finishes – color, moldings and cornices, parquet flooring, bathroom finishes – all these materials are used in Vrubel residential complex apartments. The cabinet demonstrates two types of wall painting in future apartment design. The interior is embellished by Vrubel style paintings in a modern interpretation.


Key Points for Success

Using the existing layout of the room, Sundukovy Sisters developed a comfortable and functional space zoning, presenting a living room with a cozy sofa, armchairs, a fireplace, a large dining table, a kitchen and an office. Visitors can observe the construction site while sitting on the couch.

To ensure that clients felt at home and could move around the office freely, no work spots were assigned to staff. This way, the managers can work with a client anywhere in the space. Sales can be carried out in a meeting room with a large table, which is easily transformed into 4 separate ones. Builder meetings may also be held in this area. The finishing materials shows the same elements as in the residential complex public areas.

The homely atmosphere is complemented by a floor lamp, soft textiles, cozy carpets and chandeliers. Spotlights increase the illumination level in the sales office and light up paintings and decoration on walls.

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