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Tbilisi, Georgia

Opening date: March 2024

Area: 3 364,26  m2


Swissôtel’ Tbilisi, poised to open its doors to guests, is set to redefine luxury in the heart of the Georgian capital. This stunning hotel, designed by  Sundukovy Sisters Design and Architecture Studio, captures the essence of Swissôtel’s renowned hospitality brand, infusing vitality and functionality into every corner of the property.

At the heart of Swissôtel Tbilisi’s design philosophy are four key pillars that guide its creation – Intelligent Design, Urban Retreat, Synergy, and Mindful Spaces. These pillars represent the hotel’s commitment to offering guests an unparalleled experience that transcends traditional hotel stays.

The Lobby: An Urban Oasis

Upon entering Swissotel Tbilisi, you’re greeted by an urban escape where biophilia is embraced with lush greenery, establishing a strong connection to nature. The liberal use of organic and raw materials, including wood, bamboo, cork, leather, and cotton, creates an environment with vibrant energy. The lobby is more than just a check-in area; it’s a space that rejuvenates and inspires.

Standard Rooms: A Perfect Blend of Functionality and Elegance

The standard rooms at Swissotel Tbilisi boast a design that seamlessly combines functionality with elegance. Natural materials dominate the room, imparting a cozy yet refined ambiance. The palette is primarily neutral, with contrasting elements provided by various natural materials. Folk motifs and minimalist design make for a visually pleasing space.

The bathroom, with its reeded tiles and modern features, is a visual delight. The room’s accent color is green, adding a touch of nature. Practical storage solutions are incorporated throughout the room, making guest stay both comfortable and convenient.

Vitality Rooms: A Haven of Modern Well-Being

The Vitality Rooms at Swissotel Tbilisi embody modern, uncluttered, sensitive, and intelligent design, making them an oasis of well-being for guests.The Wellbeing Wall in the bedroom area is a standout feature, offering a private space for workouts and ensuring guests feel comfortable.The experience shower and aromatherapy bathtub in the room add a luxurious touch, providing a spa-like experience. The room design offers ergonomic furniture and bio-adaptive lighting, enhancing well-being.

Pürovel Spa & Sport: A Wellness Oasis

Sundukovy Sisters Design and Architecture Studio has created an exceptional wellness oasis, Pürovel Spa & Sport, at Swissotel Tbilisi. This deluxe spa and fitness facility caters to both business travelers and locals, offering an Alpine-inspired solution for a healthy lifestyle in a stylish contemporary environment. Authentic, natural materials have been meticulously chosen to provide a calming or invigorating atmosphere. The design concept draws inspiration from the past, present, and future, invoking emotions and creating a unique identity.

F&B Outlets: Culinary Excellence Meets Artistic Design

Sundukovy Sisters have transformed Swissotel Tbilisi’s dining outlets into visually captivating spaces. Whether you’re dining at the all-day dining area with its prominent use of stone, wood, and marble, or enjoying a meal at the rooftop restaurant with breathtaking views, you’re in for a culinary treat. The rooftop bar exudes nostalgic elegance with intricate brass details, leather, wood, and marble, creating a perfect setting for a memorable evening.

Meeting Rooms and Co-working Space: Efficiency Meets Creativity

The meeting rooms at Swissotel Tbilisi are designed to facilitate efficient, focused, and creative business gatherings.The ground floor co-working space seamlessly blends greenery and wood elements, providing a dynamic environment for professionals to collaborate, brainstorm, and bring their ideas to life.

Sundukovy Sisters’ touch is evident in every corner of Swissotel Tbilisi’s public areas and event spaces, inviting guests to experience modernity, creativity, and innovation harmoniously fused with the surrounding environment. Explore these inspiring spaces for memorable gatherings and collaborative moments, and discover a new standard of luxury in Tbilisi.

The Team:
Design: Irina & Olga Sundukovy.
Art director: Yana Popok
Designers: Olya Soinova, Vera Shakotko, Elizaveta Grigoryeva, Ivan Mirolubow
Visualization: Vladimir Dimchoglo, Maxim Ryabtsev, Olga Sasysikina , Sergey Peykarov
Procurement: Svetlana Bats
Project manager: Stephanie Grigoryan



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