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Sofitel Marseille, France. 2019

Did you know that…

Marseille is one of France’s most creative cities and the 2013 capital of European culture? In the heart of the Mediterranean city rests Sofitel Hotel, an art portal to contemporary architecture and a modern luxury city resort for business & leisure. With a panoramic view of the Vieux Port of Marseille, the hotel owns a prime location.

Inspired, mainly, by femininity and marine nature, Sundukovy Sisters mix the city’s history and art in a modern interior by turning the port into an artistic portal that transforms and uplifts every single thing that passes through it.

Reflection in Our Design

French Riviera spirit fills the luxurious lobby space. One’s gaze is drawn immediately to the seaside, soaring through airy decorative elements of non-combustible paper flapping in the sea breeze and ever-changing movement like the waves. The pattern on a printed carpet reflects the sandy sea coast. Natural stone finish on columns, neutral and sophisticated, unites the ceiling and ceramic floor with photo printing and hydraulic cutting. An elegant lounge bar with comfortable seating adds intimacy to the relaxed atmosphere. Smooth feminine lines and curves are observed all around, every detail enhances a resort feeling.

Upon entering the guestroom, guests see an objet d’art – a beautiful and spacious shower cabin of an unusual oval form with frisky fringed curtains. The cabin, too, is a metaphoric portal, a transition from one space to another. Uneven French molding on walls enhances the experience, causing a so-called “glitch” effect, arising from the merging of two spaces, two dimensions.

Key Points for Success

When working on the layout, S+S achieved the main goal: to make the sea view open for guests of Sofitel from any point in the lobby. Two reception stands were placed to make the check-in process more comfortable and efficient. The guest flow in the lobby area is organized in a way that lets the guests move around freely with a glass of sparkling wine and an exquisite snack, socializing and making the scene.

In guestrooms, the greatest treasure, perhaps, is a big window, which opens a mesmerizing city view. Or… is it the refined shower cabin, where the fringed curtain can be shifted to the side, thus not to hinder sea view, offering a unique SPA experience?

We guess, that’s the kind of dilemma typical for adherents of the «art de vivre».

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