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London, UK

Opening date: ​2017


We were challenged to create an experimental temporary bar at Sleep 2017 and reflect the main theme of this event  – Loyalty: Lessons in Love.


Loyalty is born out of pleasant and unhackneyed feelings – at the interface of our inner and outer worlds, out of human interaction. Therefore, we are creating the bar as a space where people who don’t even know each other can strike up an impromptu dialogue and find common emotional ground – creating a lasting impression that lingers after their stay.


The central aspect of the Sleeper Bar is a communal table. Most importantly, the barman is among  the guests (as a representative of the hotel). There he doesn’t only play a role of waiting staff – but also of the event host. He gets to know the guests, establish their initial impressions, and find out about their needs and preferences. This all forms the basis for personal friendship and unique opportunities for live interaction. This contributes to the idea of personal loyalty between individuals, loyalty of the brand to individuals, and loyalty of individuals to the brand.

As a visual reflection of all these components, we have used mirrors in the décor, which give the impression of an endless table that unites mankind – as an interpretation of loyalty throughout the world. The mirror also reflects each guest suggesting that loyalty is a reflection of the coincidence of the hotel bar with the inner world of each guest. The table’s surface makes use of contemporary art – an abstract print, where bar theme elements are encrypted. The first perceptions that most people have of loyalty come from their families. Someone who is loyal to their own family and family values will always strive to apply these principles and traditions. This is why the fit-out of the bar includes not only a communal table, but also swings – that take guests back to their childhood, and recall all of those happy memories. Together, these elements create a completely modern, artistic and exceptional bar – which offers guests the chance to enjoy unique wonderful feelings and fond memories and makes them wish to share that experience with their friends.

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