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Dubai, UAE

Opening date: ​2018


To design a stylish concept for a Russian and Uzbek cuisine restaurant in Dubai without ostentatious splendor. The restaurant is a two-story space located at the seaside. Thus, the first floor must look accessible and open to everyone, including to people in beachwear. The second floor has to fit the format of business negotiations, parties, and concerts.


There is a strictly regulated design code of The Pointe Palm Jumeirah complex where the restaurant is located. A mandatory condition for restaurants in the Timber zone is the use of wood in interior decoration.


We developed the whole concept around the Russian winter in the woods: winter is something exotic for Dubai, everyone wants to cool off in the heat, and the folk motifs create a cozy atmosphere and add flair to the interior. This solution, which also plays on the mandatory element – wood – made the project very unique and exotic.


The print on the sun umbrellas is that of either traditional Russian shawls or stylized birch bark.

The first floor has more flair and is filled with decorative elements based on the Russian village: aged wood boards, traditional lace wood carvings, and murals. But these elements are framed by a contemporary, colorful interior that is familiar not only for Russian patrons, but also to representatives of different cultures.

We added warm, colorful murals to the kitchen area. They depict women in Uzbek folk costumes – homemakers and skillful cooks. And in the dining area, there are portraits of cold, snowy Russian beauties.

We used light-colored wood for the flooring, and whitewashed wood for the wall paneling.

The second floor interior is more elegant, with the use of natural materials such as wood, leather, and black metal on the walls, and with warm, soft lighting.

To connect the second floor with the vibrant first floor, we added elaborate Russian ornamental patterns to the wooden surfaces.

The intrigue of this floor is the perforated metallic panels on the walls, with a stylized birch-bark pattern and a warm, soft lighting behind them. The back wall of the bar is fully lighted and decorated, which makes the bar the chief attraction of the interior.

We created a special print for Chalet Berezka Dubai – it is a stylized birch bark pattern. The print is used on the walks and on the patio umbrellas.

Some chairs on the first and second floors are upholstered with fabric that has a pattern of enlarged flowers, which is a modern take on traditional folk motifs.

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