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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: 2018

Did You Know That…

The main characters of “Selection” – a modern and exquisite gastronomic play – are fish and meat? The main plot puts a spotlight on these two in a unique chef’s interpretation (Ayk Weishtort), exploring the subject unconventionally. Sundukovy Sisters took on the role of set designers, creating minimalistic décor so that no detail of the action escapes the eyes of a curious observer.

The interior marries two polarities as contrasting as the stars themselves: hot and cold, fiery and water-based, rugged and smooth.

Reflection in Our Design

The heroes were attired in different colours, which prevail in their habitat as well: “gold” for fish and “silver” metal grey for meat. Two massive architectural structures above the central bar area highlight this visual duality and add a theatrical flair to the interior, appearing as stage decor.

The concept clashes cold, angular, rugged brutality and warm, cosy, matted, enveloping patrons in a  truly unique atmosphere. Reflective carbon countertops with glossy varnish – a completely new solution for Moscow interiors – meet dark surfaces of charred wood, stainless polished and liquid metal on columns, creating a balanced contrast of styles and attitudes.

Angular geometry, dictated by the layout itself, is mellowed out by cushioned furniture, tables made of warm natural eucalyptus root veneer and natural sand-coloured limestone, referencing antique theatre motifs as well.

Key Points for Success

The task was to find a balance between a minimalist, hi-tech interior and patrons’ comfort while keeping the emphasis on two key menu players and the cooking techniques.

The floor plan was rotated 45 degrees from the main axis of the building. Such spatial geometry brought in a new perspective on furniture and special cooking equipment – the focus of the interior. Not one but three show kitchens were thought through – two for meat and one for fish. From an open, spacious dining area with very few secluded seats, spectators can easily observe the drama occurring in an open fish-filleting zone, on the grills, in the jasper, the woodstove and the oven.

A separate meat-maturing laboratory with a standalone chef’s table is observed from a window. For those seeking more privacy as well as individual interactive performance, a VIP zone is placed in the lab, closed off with smart glass. Another hidden VIP space is closed off completely, invisible from the main dining area.

Intelligent stage lighting considers cooking techniques, when projecting a beneficial light spectrum on each player – whiter for the fish and redder for the meat. Reflective surfaces scatter the light in the surrounding space, absorbing viewers even more and making hours spent in Selection fly by unnoticed.

Photography: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

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