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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: ​2017

Have you known that…

“Salumeria” translates from Italian as a deli specializing in salumi pork sausage and cured meats? The idea of creating a portal to Italy in the heart of Moscow belongs to Vladimir Davidi and William Lamberti, uniting a deli (salumeria), coffee-, cocktail- and a wine bar, a pizzeria, a patisserie and a restaurant all under one roof.

In the interior, Sundukovy Sisters were briefed to conjure up the ethos of an Italian local deli, where food takes centre stage, or the open kitchen, in this case. Instead of searching for new-fangled whims or shipping first-degree déco straight from Italy, designers went with a subtle, multi-layered cultural approach, which turned out more successful in conveying a timeless patina.

Reflection in Our Design

S+S focused on re-creating an old space, supplemented with modern details – a low-cost rejuvenation, just as it would be done in an Italian home. Finishes of natural materials dominate in the décor – patched marble, travertine, redwood, brass, and natural stone. An unexpected accent here is not trendy copper or fashionable brass, but classic shiny gold. A three-nave ceiling with primitive stained-glass windows and broken mouldings brings a sense of modest pomp.

The heart of the interior is an oak bar, combined with a culinary showcase and a golden pizza oven beauty. In furnishings, Sundukovy Sisters opted for unique-shaped golden chairs and traditional Italian tables, each with a small drawer for cutlery – just like in William Lamberti’s grandmother’s kitchen.

A drinking-water fountain with a powerful water-filtration system was the first of its kind to be installed in Moscow, supplying water to every table free of charge, like in Italian restaurants.

Key Points for Success

The focal point of any restaurant, the kitchen, is located on the lower floor. Traditionally, S+S managed to turn a challenge into an advantage. Due to limited seating space on the ground floor, designers came up with a solution, that not only solved the problem but also brought Salumeria guests a modern new experience. A large communal table stands right in between two kitchens – hot and cold – making patrons feel, as if they dropped by a friend’s dinner party, meeting new people, witnessing the cooking process, five senses absorbing favourite smells and flavours from William Lamberti’s childhood.

A deli shop offers the finest ravioli, pancetta, bresaola, cheeses and olives to those who wish to bring Italian delights home to their loved ones.

Photo: Nikita Kruchkov

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