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Tagine, Moscow. 2016

Did You Know That…

Tagine is a Maghrebi dish, cooked and served in an earthenware pot of the same name? Tagine café does not only offer patrons an authentic Moroccan experience, but does it with a slick European touch. 

Being the third project in Sundukovy Sisters’ fruitful collaboration with the owners of Odessa-Mama and Khachapuri – restaurants which had instantly attracted Moscovites with exquisite cuisine and memorable interiors – Tagine was a guaranteed success.

The concept was to marry the East and West in a slender restaurant interior free of heavy ethnical elements yet clearly featuring Moroccan style and flying patrons off to Africa and the Atlantic.

Reflection in Our Design

Neatness and functionality were adopted from the West and the atmosphere inspired by the East: cozy couches, the magic play of light, subtle, retouched traditional patterns and the famous Moroccan mosaics.

Moving away from the hackneyed vision of the East as a rave of colors, S+S designers have coated walls with noble grey and beige plastering. The neutral background emphasizes brass lamps suspended on different levels and diffuses light around the space, adding coziness and warmth. Dark rigid lines on tiles, stools and table frames complete the abstract palette with laconic graphic accents.

Key Points for Success

The restaurant is divided into three functional halls with passages between them stylized as eastern arches. To avoid a stereotyped Eastern setting, designers chose an abstract pattern of the famous Moroccan tile for cladding on the bar, open kitchen and fountain bases.

Being one of the essential design features in Sundukovy Sisters’ restaurant interiors, lighting was attentively thought-out to communicate Morocco’s mystery through an interplay of light and shadow, shape and reflection.

Round lamps, wide trestle beds with pillows, spicy scents and rich flavors of tagines sweep guests away into a dream-like spirit of an Eastern tale.

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