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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: ​2016

The goal
The Syrovarnya is a restaurant with its cheese manufacture located in the former wine brewery premises. Our goal was to redesign the spacious loft into a trendy restaurant with its cheese dairy and a small shop for ready products.

The challenge
The main difficulty was in uneasy shapes and dimensions of the premises which could not be changed: the first hall was large and spacious while the second one was long and narrow.

The idea
So we decided to unveil the industrial core of this interior, to preserve the main elements of the factory design but to blend its brutality with some bourgeoisness. We also had an idea to make the manufacturing process visible to guests. We decided to take advantage of the offbeat layout and to offer the maximum variety of seating.

The solution
We turned the large hall of Syrovarnya into a unique combination of spaces to suit the needs of different guests and make them comfortable. There are sofas next to windows for those who love privacy, tables for two for couples and friends and large tables for companies. Tall planters help to zone the area and add up lively touches to the interior. In the small hall which seemed too narrow and long for traditional seating, we decided to place a large common table in the middle, giving our guests a chance to meet new people and get new impressions. By the way, it turned out to be the largest common table in the whole of Russia.

We paid much attention to lighting making sure that it created that cosy and comfortable effect each restaurant is looking for. To purely contemporary lamps made of glass and brass, we added the lamps of our design which highlight the ceiling architecture and shape. To complete the image, we added art objects and decoration elements from the former brewery located in this space. For example, to make the atmosphere more specific we highlighted the tankers hanging down from the ceiling and remade a former furnace into a turnspit where you can cook a piglet. In the toilets, we preserved the factory sinks and wall tiles as a part of the heritage from Soviet times. They give a strong emphasis to sparkling festive chandeliers with crystal lampshades.

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