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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: 2016

To make a second establishment of the Cook’kareku mini-chain of restaurateur Alexander Rappoport.

The new restaurant is located in MEGA Khimki mall, and the format of shopping centres always creates a certain amount of complexity to work with architectural and design solutions. This includes design restrictions, high competition with the food court and other restaurants, and guest traffic, which consists almost entirely of visitors to the mall stores. The restaurant’s windows overlook the sales floor exclusively, and there are several columns in the space itself.

It is possible to create a cosy atmosphere only through a balanced zoning and seating, an interesting planning solution, and also correctly chosen accents in the design.
The Cook’kareku concept is based on round-the-clock breakfasts, so our task was to create an exhilarating morning interior with elements of stylistics of the 60s. The “cuckoo” theme was preserved as well – eggs-chickens-cockerels in all kinds of formats and details. Outside, the restaurant attracts attention with prints of giant eggs adorning the windows. The open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant is also visible through the same windows. You can watch the cooks at work sitting at the bar, which is located on the circumference of the kitchen.

The planning has been thought out to visually maximize the space. On the border of the restaurant, seating is placed on a podium surrounded by a fence with cheerful prints of multi-coloured graffiti. In the other area, the VIP seating and bar counter is visible through the glass. In the centre, there are cosy radius couches where you can comfortably watch the main art object of Cook’kareku – a huge clock projector, of course, in the form of an egg. Clock broadcasting different time zones and the difference with Moscow time explains a conceptual “chip” of the restaurant – a game of national breakfasts. Depending on what country it is in the morning, there is a thirty percent discount on three dozens of breakfast variants that invariably include either eggs or chicken.

Cook’kareku’s main background is neutral, with brightly coloured elements in the ’60s style. The concrete used as a base material is accented by murals and painted graffiti which play on the “kukareku” theme of eggs, chickens and all sorts of inscriptions on the theme. Balloon-shaped lights made of white feathers seem to float in the air like giant fluff. A bright yellow spot stands out in the centre, just below the clock projector, a poured floor in the shape of an egg yolk. Furniture of the same shade enhances the cheerful effect. Copper pots and flower pots are arranged on wall shelves, both in the right order and upside down. The design elements add up to an overall picture of a cheerful country morning, where it’s a good time to have some particularly tasty eggs for breakfast.

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