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PULLMAN | Concept
Tbilisi, Georgia

Design completed in 2016.


To create an interior that matches the mood of Tbilisi and acts as a harmonious continuation of the atmosphere of the city. And, of course, the hotel should be cosy and comfortable to stop in after a long journey.


The project should become the face of modern Tbilisi, but at the same time it was important for us to get away from the primitive understanding of natural motives in the interior.


Georgia is a country of forests and mountains, thermal and mineral springs. That is why nature has become the main idea for our design.


We used smooth lines resembling mountain relief in the interior and warm shades of mountain sunsets. We wanted to convey the natural minimalism and create an atmosphere of relaxation and warmth, which is so comforting and needed after a busy day or a long journey. We achieved all these thanks to the use of blue-green and green shades, imitation of water on the walls, warm light and natural materials. In the lobby, we play with the theme of water: ripples and circles, a streaming waterfall, blue and deep blue shades. Here comes the “waterfall”: it’s a LED screen with video installation, which consists of thousands of small bright LEDs. When it is projected onto the central columns, “water” silently falls from a height of 7 meters. This view opens from anywhere in the lobby, starting with the entrance zone. There are also circles on the floor and on the ceiling resembling ripples on the water. Zoning is designed so that there are reception desks and a bar at the entrance. In this case, the stands are distributed according to the flow of guests, there are only four of them, and their shape resembles stones. Bright furniture favourably emphasizes the status of the hotel, and its shape repeats circles and smooth lines, similar to the circles on the water. At the same time, we made sofas and chairs comfortable and cosy, with soothing white, grey and blue shades, but with the addition of glossy gold pieces, and added a few bright red-orange spots, to brighten things up a bit. We used natural materials, natural colours and soft smooth shapes in the SPA, restaurant and conference hall zones. The main view in the bar is the night view of Tbilisi. That is why the tables are designed to face the windows, and the entire interior is made in dark and quiet tones, which supports the view, but does not distract from it. The warm orange illumination of the whole bar echoes with the panorama of the night city and lights and sets the mood for the interior.

The Team:

Design by Irina and Olga Sundukovy

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