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NOVOTEL | Concept

Design completed in 2018.

Have you ever known that …

The road along the Ligurian coast, Monaco, is оnе of the most beautiful roads in the world? Inspired by the mesmerizing views, the azure sea and the sun, we applied their maximum perfection within the minimum space in Novotel Monaco.

A transparent art object was placed in the minimalistic cubic space. The “sun rays” penetrate the lobby, bar and restaurant zones with its delicate metal strings, which symbolize the sunlight and sea motion. Shaped as architectural arches, the beams pay tribute to the arched tunnel and aqueduct located in the Monaco neighbourhood. With light movement throughout the day, this static art object, seen from everywhere, becomes а dynamic installation: lighter in the daytime, more dramatic in the evening.

Reflection in Our Design

The lobby, bar and restaurant, significantly different in terms of esthetics, are unified conceptually by all-round metal brass wires, neutral colors, plants and eco-friendly materials with high wear resistance. Natural sisal material gently wraps the columns, its texture of weaving straws brings а subtle feeling and serenity of the Mediterranean Riviera. Light seamless floor and, partly, engineering wooden floor in the lobby evokes а sense of home.

In the bar, we created а modern elegant space in the spirit of Monaco with laconic forms, minimal ornaments and timeless furniture. The relaxed atmosphere and lounge feeling attract not only guests of the hotel but Monaco as well.

The restaurant immerses guests into a deep blue of the Monaco sea, with dynamic lines and a warm timeless colour poured on the floors, ceilings and countertops. This makes the interior more detailed and sophisticated.  Perforated metal with print is used on walls, giving off patterned lights and shades in the nighttime. Thus, the space shows different moods, depending on the time of day. Decorative thread screens on the ceiling play with colours, adding a tint of magic to the cosy space and filling the empty volume.

Continuing the concept of natural elements, guestrooms are filled sea breeze and sunlight, which smoothly passes through art on the wall and continues in the carpet pattern. The balcony offers guests an intimate nook with а comfortable sofa-chair for two people and а pouffe. Small luminous tables on balconies, if lit altogether, turn the hotel façade into a coat of warm bubbles in the nighttime.

Key points for success

We have significantly changed the original layout of the lobby, making it more diverse. The modern suspended reception element emphasizes the modern character of the hotel and avoids blocking the impressive view of the bar. Metal sunrays help in drawing the guests in.

The takeaway area was placed outside the lobby, promoting the restaurant name. Passers-by who order takeaway coffee will be able to look into the lobby through the open windows and, undoubtedly, want to enter. The bar name was also placed above the entrance, inviting people from the street for a cocktail. Plasma display panels on both sides of the entrance can be used for advertising purposes.

We left the existing bar to meet the budget. At the same time, the shelves displaying alcohol were prolonged to the entire height of the bar, so as to be seen by guests from the lobby. Wireless energy-consuming lamps on tables provide а convenient and functional solutions. Greenery is used to separate zones while making the interior more environmentally friendly.

The morning buffet in the restaurant can be used as а bar area in the evening or as а show-kitchen. The metal sun rays in combination with art screens create an instagrammable selfie-point, which even casual passersby will not be able to resist.

The Team:

Design by Irina and Olga Sundukovy

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