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NOVOTEL | Concept
Munich, Germany

Design completed in 2018.

Have you ever known that…

The city of Munich used to be home to two of the most influential founders of abstract art – Paul Klee and Vasily Kandinsky? The masters studied together at the Munich Academy of Arts and reached the heyday of their work in this very city.

Working on the renovation concept for a Novotel’s guest room, Sundukovy Sisters drew inspiration from art as well as history. The hotel is located on the former site of Munich-Riem Airport, so dynamic lines, forms and airplanes come together in an interior design that conveys an extraordinary mood.

Reflection in our design

The design had to satisfy the rather high demands of business travellers, yet move slightly away from the standard idea of a business hotel towards a more luxury and lounge feel.

The guest room is a combination of architectural forms, elegant furniture in laconic colors, warm light and unconventional details. Kandinsky’s art “vibrations” act as the perfect visual expression of airport dynamics. His panel, reimagined, stands out on the wall, setting the spatial rhythm, its muted colours not getting in the way of guests’ rest. The lines and colours from Kandinsky’s paintings appear in every element in the interior: diagonal lines on the carpet and the dynamic wall shape, observed from the entrance. An art chandelier adds an exciting asymmetrical element.

Key points of rejuvenation

The lack of general lighting in the room remains unnoticed due to several light sources, each with a different function. Reading and decorative lights are placed on either side of the bed. The floor lamp behind the sofa makes it a cosy work zone or a relaxed reading space.

One of the main mottos at S+S is that design should be unique and functional, meeting the needs of guests accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. Combining artistry and functionality, modernity and history, Sundukovy Sisters created a vibrant, outstanding design that meets the objectives of the Novotel brand and breathes new life into an outdated interior.

The Team:

Design by Irina and Olga Sundukovy

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