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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: July 2021

Area: 870 sq.m, including terrace 410 sq.m


Mooring is situated right on the bank of the river, and in Moscow, such a location is a true luxury. Next to the restaurant, there are yacht piers and a complex of heated pools meaning the venue’s space had to be suitable for both yachtsmen and the family audience.

The key idea was to recreate in the interior the relaxing and luxurious atmosphere of Mediterranean resorts. According to the cuisine, the design concept relates to Greek motifs. For the interior, we used details, colours and textures that are associated with Greece and the sea resort theme: natural stone as a reference to ancient Greek architecture and history, mahogany veneer to create the effect of shimmering mussel shells, dark shades of rattan furniture, whose contrasting structures imitate the deep shade of plants on a sunny beach.


The Mediterranean influence can be felt in most objects and surfaces. The combination of natural travertine textures, stone on the floor, and stucco harken back to ancient architecture. The accents placed on the bar area and the open kitchen: beams play with antiquity in a modern style.

We always pay a lot of attention to working with light. In Mooring, we used evening lighting of tables and table tops, plants accentuated by tall glass floor lamps and the refined layout of veneer in marquetry style highlighted by a bar and kitchen lighting. Thanks to this in the dark, the space looks very intimate, and multilevel lighting gives the evening rhythm and liveliness.

With its blue and green sea-alike palette and living plants, wood and natural stone, references to ancient architecture, exquisite cuisine and stunning views of the water and sunset, Mooring is the perfect expression of tactile and visual hedonism and a gastronomic experience. The spirit of a European resort is now at North River Station.

The Team:
Design: Irina & Olga Sundukovy
Art Director Valeria Ryikova
1-st designer Anton Bistrov
2-nd designer Ani Abramyan
Visualisation Olga Sasyikin
Procurement managers:
Anna Bulat, Anna Mukhina
Project manager Dasha Dogadailo

Photography Alexander Volodin

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