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Istanbul, Turkey

Opening date: 2018

Area: 750 m2

Have you ever known that…

Istanbul is a city with a powerful history, located on the border of two worlds – Europe and Asia, having absorbed the spirit of two empires – Byzantine and Ottoman. Using references to the history of a particular district and the city as a whole, in the interiors of Mercure Bakirkoy Hotel Sundukovy Sisters rethought the artistic techniques of the past, seeing them through a lens of the present.


Reflection in our design

A historical architectural monument, The Church of St. John the Precursor, which acted as an octagonal shrine, was located not far from the hotel and served as the starting point for the lobby layout. The bar in the centre of the lobby with an octahedron, vaults and arches, evokes associations with Byzantine architecture. The fact that the district is located on the shore of the Marmara Sea, influenced the designers’ choice of marble as a finishing material for the bar.

Mosaic floors and decorative plaster with an aged effect on walls immerse guests in the depth of ages and the multi-layered history of the place, recreating the atmosphere of ancient times. Contemporary lighting and furniture add a modern touch to the space.

The colour palette was inspired by history. After the Turkish Republic had been formed in 1923, all foreign words were replaced by Turkish, and the distinct became known as Bakirkoy (‘copper village’). This historical fact called for the use of copper in décor and furniture elements. The bed headboard is a modern interpretation of local historical motives. Copper shades in the wardrobe, bathroom and furniture elements, as well as traditional patterns in the bathroom and flooring design convey the unique story of time.


Key points for success

Never taking the object out of the context of its geographical specifics, Sundukovy Sisters skillfully unite culture and aesthetics, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for guests. Mercure Hotel in Bakirkoy, Istanbul offers an atmosphere which immerses guests in a historical mystery, set in a progressive modern interior.

The Team:

Design by Irina and Olga Sundukovy

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