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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: November 2021

Area: 3707 m2

Have you ever known that…

Komsomolskaya Square in Moscow is called the square of three railway stations – Leningradsky, Kazansky and Yaroslavsky? It also houses one of the capital’s seven architectural landmarks – the so-called «Stalin» buildings.

Working on the interior design of Marriott Hotel, Sundukovy Sisters took an eclectic approach, fusing traditional elements of last century’s architecture and classic modern elements. Surrounded by Soviet history and filled with an atmosphere of homelike luxury, Marriott becomes a truly unique place for devotees of classics in a modern interpretation.

Reflection in our design

Distinctive features of art deco architecture – chic, ethnic geometric ornaments, bold lines, fancy materials – combined with varnished textures and mouldings, create an authentic feeling of the venue right at the lobby entrance. Another essential trait of art deco is a lack of bright colours. Thus, no more than three colours appear throughout the hotel – blue, green and burgundy – coming into an elegant mix with natural marble, brass and wood. A reserved halftone setting with laconic furniture is offset by rhythmic details such as cushions, art deco artwork, dynamic marble patterns. «Torn» reliefs on modern columns in the lobby play with the definition of classic, adding a dash of irony, typical of all projects by S+S.

The focal point of the lobby is the majestic stairway leading up to the ballroom. It was essential to the client that it stood out. Designers chose a delicate art deco patterned carpet with refined thin brass lining to do the job. The stairway is just a glimpse of splendour that guests discover in the grand ballroom. Enormous chandeliers from Italy, custom made, as well as the moulding, glass painting, a hand-woven carpet and mirrors to enhance the space – all serve to make visitors feel nothing less but royal.

Architectural aesthetics in the guest rooms are accentuated by horizontal lines which also visually increase the space. An exquisite blend of textures and natural materials – wood and marble, primarily – allows guests to feel comfortably at home. Most furniture was custom made based on exclusive drawings by S+S. Separate zones for rest and work are equipped with ergonomic furniture. An impeccable mix of minimalism and classics continues through the use of textures, colours and materials. Art deco table bases add a signature designer touch.

Key points of success

The client’s wish was that S+S thoughtfully divide the lobby into functional zones and make the hotel an ideal place for weddings and other large events.

Designers chose an elegant wood finish to outline the restaurant, leaving the lobby area in shades of white. Thanks to a system of mobile partitions, which allow changing configuration of the space, the ballroom is adaptable to all types of events, from private birthday parties to weddings. Keeping that in mind, a quadruple leaf wall noise proofing was introduced so as to ensure the comfort of guests in the lobby below and the guest rooms above. Various types of suites were thought through for larger families and groups.

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