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HOTEL | Concept |
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2020

Did you know that…

The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments were the first objects of such great dimensions to be recognised by UNESCO for its architectural heritage? The perfect harmony of waterscapes and architecture safeguards the city’s imperial spirit, gallantry and victories.

The hotel building stands in the unique “Golden Triangle” neighbourhood, the real oasis amidst urban development. We wanted to pay tribute to the site’s cultural heritage and allow guests to deeply experience its historical preciousness. Thus, our main design objective was to restore and preserve the best of what we inherit.

Reflection in Our Design

Since the majestic venue used to be closely intertwined with military life – parades, manoeuvres and festivities – mounted regiment and its ceremonial uniform served as the main inspiration source for design solutions. Memorabilia and uniform details are reflected in sophisticated interior elements. To link the times we chose a colour palette of classical ceremonial white, sienna hues, traditional for harnesses, dusty blue as in ceremonial uniform, scarlet accents as in the ornament details of the latter and pastel shades of yellow, reminiscent of the historical building’s classic facades.

A decorative portal in the shape of a horse saddle welcomes guests in the Grand Hall, a ceremonial space, where stories and legends reside. The light-coloured volume with a warm and welcoming ambience was inspired by classic architecture, engaged with exquisite contemporary furniture. Two oppositely facing fireplaces, grouped sofas and reception areas emphasize the symmetrical axial plan.

Comfortable seating is dispersed spaciously in the classic layoutof the royal living area with candle-shaped lights flickering on low marble tables. The oval wall mirror embodies the memory of metal buckles on grenadier caps. Aged antique mirrors add an authentic touch. A richly tailored blend of harness-inspired leather elements with natural stone is found in table decorations and floor lamp finishing.

The magnificent colonnade space is infused with light and serenity. We kept the windows here uncovered, so as to merge the space with a roofed courtyard, transformed into an orchard-house. Window piers are decorated with traditional “grenadier caps”, incarnating valiance and bravery. Wall luminaires in the shapes of horseshoes bring hotel guests a good fortune.

In guestrooms lives a noble mix of classic – natural wood, tapestry, panels and mouldings – and modernity: an elegant working desk, accent lights, artwork inspired by local spirit. A magnificent wood portal greets guests with a warm welcome. The tapestry behind the headboard gives a modern nod to the Gatchina palace owned by Emperor Paul. A contemporary soaring chandelier is inspired by traditional candle suspensions, with transparent details referencing classic crystal lighting elements.

Key Points of Rejuvenation

Functionality wise,well-judged ergonomics in the interior anticipate all guest needs and wishes. Exceptional attention is paid to the guestroom working area: a comfortable desk with legs providing all wiring inside, a tactile leather-covered countertop, integrated drawers and a luxurious modern armchair.

In terms of delivering guests a new experience, heritage is instilled in elaborate details – materials, colours, decorative elements and artwork – ensuring that aesthets receive a truly sophisticated experience of Saint-Petersburg. The noble wood, traditionally used in Empire style interiors, imperial marble, the favourite stone of classic architecture, lordly leather, antique brass and tapestry – all serve to reach deep memory layers of the royal times.

Casting a modern vision through a lens of classic architecture, Sundukovy Sisters design studio offers a reinvented experience of a Russian noble manor.

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