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Cafe in the Museum, Moscow. 2020

Did you know that…

Bakhmetyevsky garage is a monument of Soviet avant-garde architecture and one of the original buildings of the 1920’s? It is distinguished by a unique spatial composition and a bright artistic image. This was reflected in the layout developed by S+S for the Jewish Museum café.  Designers applied a classic architectural technique – a compositional central element, which defines the layout around it.

Reflection in Design

Sundukovy Sisters studio was asked to create an interior that would not be out of tune from the general concept of the museum. The zoning had to be reconsidered as well to optimize the space.

A circle in the heart of the layout symbolizes integrity and perfection. A VIP zone was placed here. Inner walls of the art object above depict a video installation coming from the projector. Such decision was dictated by the fact that the art object will be observed from all points in the museum. It therefore supports the central volume of the museum exposition. Underneath it we placed a decorative bookcase as a source of knowledge. Book covers may also be used as part of the exhibition.

The prevailing color in furniture is terracotta and its shades, complemented by bright details of the floor and interior. S+S divided the museum and cafe zones using bulk floor with geometric lines, emphasizing the round shape of the layout. Deep tones of interior decor grant a sense tranquility, awaken interest and draw attention, plunging guests into the avant-garde atmosphere, where you want to stay. Split level lighting deepens the overall atmosphere.

Key Points for Success

Simple, clear, coherent forms bring functional advantages and reinforce the unconventional museum space. Elaborate seating is provided for groups as well as private business meetings. Smart zoning, soft seating and an alluring bar create a modern space that appeals not only to museum visitors, but also draws in patrons from the street.

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