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Tbilisi, Georgia

Opening date: ​2018

Have you ever known that…

Tbilisi is one of the world’s most cordial cities, where everyone you meet, is likely to engage in small talk, which may even lead to heartwarming conversations at family dinner with Georgian wine and delights. Admiring Georgian amiability, Sundukovy Sisters strived to make the Ibis Tbilisi Stadium lobby into a social creative hub for cultural exchange and more.


Reflection in our design

The lobby is mobile and multifunctional. Arriving at the hotel, guests can immediately choose whether they want to check in first or get a drink at the bar – the focal point of the space – or do both at the unobvious reception stand right at the bar. The multi-level contact bar is meant for socializing thanks to the different seating levels – standard and half-bar – and a large counter. The key figure behind it, the barman, has saved up some hilarious stories about the Georgian way of life.

Unexpected elements such as the mezzanine and hammock allow guests to relax, work or socialize. Mezzanine – a black volume with a vine pattern, stands out from the rest of the interior, echoing the ceiling in the enoteca zone. A hammock – an art object with a palm tree – hangs in the lounge area for children and adults, right above one of the reception stands, allowing guests to greet new friends immediately upon their arrival.

Simple materials, bright colours and geometric shapes were used in the interior to create the perfect contrast that makes a space memorable. A light Georgian touch is felt in contrasting colours (red/black), a grapevine pattern on the walls, national ornaments on carpets and ceilings. Palm trees and juicy greens add a Southern flavour. Triplex, a transparent material combined with coloured film and neon lights, transmits a lot of light, creating a special atmosphere while looking very modern, unusual and fresh.


Key Points for Success

Aside from visual aesthetics, designers at S+S never break the rule of presenting their main skill – functionality. Leading to the mezzanine is a staircase with a podium – a seating area of the cinema with a double-sided screen installed. This zone turns into a dance floor with a DJ. Nearby, a mobile meeting room with a screen which may be also used for restaurant seating.

The unusually shaped vertical buffet echoes the shelves above the bar and is adjoined by a farm, where various greens grow. A sexy meeting room behind a glass door with a curtain may be rented out on different private occasions. Here, a Georgian carpet art painting flows down from the ceiling onto a wall with a screen. The red room also serves guests breakfast in the mornings.

The wine room is a unique walkthrough lounge zone from reception to the elevators, where guests can linger in the comfort of multi-coloured armchairs, by a bio-fireplace, with a glass from the exquisite wine collection, enjoying retro tunes from the vinyl player.

The Team:

Design by Irina and Olga Sundukovy

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