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Ekaterinburg, Russia

Opening date: July 2021

Area: 9400 sq.m

Have you ever known that …

Welcome to a different place! The first Hyatt Place in Russia.
Ekaterinburg, the main city of the Urals, has all the chances to get the status of the world capital of constructivism. There are more than a hundred constructivist buildings built at the beginning of the twentieth century and about five hundred other cultural heritage sites, some of which will soon be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is on the verge of a wonderful tourist future, for which famous hotel brands are ready. At the new Hyatt Place, quality and simplicity create engaging and energizing spaces filled with timeless design and casual comfort.

Reflection in our design

The design of the new Hyatt Place is reminded of constructivism by contrasting combinations, straight lines and laconic forms.

The monochromatic characteristic of constructivism was diluted with bold and bright accents by placing a bar with an art installation of metal and plastic in the lobby. The second point of attraction was the podium with a composition of simple geometric shapes created using concrete, liquid metal, copper and ceramic granite. Additional graphic character to the space is given by LED lighting, which we used to highlight the art objects.

In the color scheme of the hotel interiors are shades of copper and emerald, and the skillful play of light refers the viewer to the Ural semi-precious stones. Custom-made malachite carpets look good against neutral shades of textiles and mat walls. The copper-gold panel on the wall of the room and the custom-made comfortable furniture with pleasant textures create the feeling of warmth and coziness so necessary for the cold climate of the Urals.

In constructivism, natural light is important. The suites solve this problem with panoramic windows, which conceal access to one’s own terrace. A bird’s eye view of the city and the warmth and comfort of an elegant room – what could be more pleasant? Only the full immersion in architecture and design offered by Hyatt Place in Ekaterinburg.

The Team:
Design: Irina and Olga Sundukovy
Art-director Valeria Rykova
Designers: Olga Soinova, Lilya Yevseeva
Procurement managers:
Anna Bulat, Oksana Kasperovich, Svetlana Bats
Project manager Veronika Khadikova

Photo: Alexander Volodin

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