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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: ​2016

Have you known that…

“Gorod-Sad” on Bolshaya Dmitrovka street is the third store in its chain, only this one – a combination of an eco-market and a café both? Designers of S+S studio was asked to create a memorable interior, yet retain the conceptual line of the brand.

Reflection in Our Design

We left some linking elements, adding novelty. The bright yellow central wall with a retro “Gorod-Sad” sign and a yellow podium attract passers-by attention from the street, calling them in. Remaining walls in white and grey tones grant the interior necessary composure, past century-old stucco moulding – authenticity.

We placed a wow-object in the centre – a graffiti-painted portal with a trolley displaying products. The ceiling dotted with artistic light bulbs makes the zone ideal for selfies.

The element, which links the new space with previous venues is copper. Metal overflows make the bar counter a bit more stylish and adds light brutality to the space. Copper continues in barrel shelves, used for displaying products.

Key Points for Success

Copper bar stand, lamps above, light bulbs in the central art object, refrigerators and display cases all echo from previous locations, increasing brand awareness.

To emphasize the new option of eating in, a zone with tables and comfortable seating greets guests at the entrance. In fine weather windows fling open and a terrace appears, letting patrons contemplate passers-by strolling along Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, sipping on a matcha cappuccino.

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