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Nizhny Novgorod

Opening date: June 2024

Area: 615 sq.m

“Escape” is a getaway from the ordinary into an elegant and artistic space that combines art, aesthetics, and luxury. Inside this unique establishment, guests can experience two different atmospheres across two floors: Mediterranean and Asian, light and dark, romantic and dynamic. It’s a place where one can indulge their inner child and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of beauty. Therefore, the interior features only the finest natural materials, luxurious custom lighting fixtures, and artworks by renowned artists worldwide.

The restaurant building, constructed 1968 in the modernist style, boasts a distinctive V-shaped roof, giving it the appearance of a seagull soaring over a cliff. The 2023 renovation preserved its unique architectural solution, while the design by S+S breathed new life into this iconic architectural landmark of Nizhny Novgorod. It offers a magnificent view of Alexander Park and the Volga River.

The first floor is a bright, elegant space featuring Mediterranean cuisine. Guests are greeted by the painting “All You Need is Love” by the iconic French artist Joseph, setting the tone for a romantic and refined breakfast or dinner. Art plays a crucial role in the interior: each piece was carefully selected and brought from various parts of the world. The centerpiece is a sculpture from the “Baby King” series by Veronique Guerrieri, symbolizing nostalgia for childhood and inviting guests to indulge their inner child. The view of the Volga, horizons, and sunset complements the overall “escape” concept, creating ideal conditions for relaxation and enjoyment of nature’s beauty.

Guests of the “Escape” restaurant are welcomed by a circular bar adorned with cast glass and highlighted by a majestic chandelier made of individually hanging crystals. Together, they form a single art object with the bar counter, the perfect spot for a glass of champagne or a cocktail. Seating also includes a cozy lounge area, ideal for a cup of coffee with a mesmerizing view from the window.

To the left of the bar is a seafood display case made of orange cast glass, and further along the entire restaurant runs an open kitchen, divided into islands, removing the barrier between guests and the heart of the restaurant.

Lighting is an essential interior component, emphasizing and accentuating the space. Each chandelier is custom-designed and serves as a unique art object—expressive glass chandeliers hanging along the façade shimmer with all the shades of a sunset.

Using natural materials adds coziness to the interior, while the exotic ormosia wood flooring adds nobility and creates a timeless beauty effect. Classic furniture shapes with a chic touch are mixed with modern details and art, while round bionic shapes in furniture and lighting objects add dynamism. Poplar veneer in the finishes continues the natural theme, imparting elegance and nodding to classic design.

The path from the upper to the lower floor is adorned with vibrant and expressive paintings by Virut Panchabuse (“Red Lady with the Crown” and “Lipstick Woman”) from Bangkok, known for their colorful realistic portraits created in collage technique, which attract attention and invite guests to discover what awaits downstairs. Here, guests are greeted by the phrase “All You Need is Cash” (Joseph), creating a self-ironic contrast with the upper floor and highlighting the aesthetic and character of each restaurant level.

The lower floor is dynamic, with Asian cuisine and a party atmosphere. The centerpiece is a bar with wooden panels and golden details, creating a luxurious and mysterious look. Handcrafted wallpapers by De Gournay add charm and uniqueness to the interior. Using natural and noble materials such as marble, mother-of-pearl, and exotic woods creates an impression of luxury and quality that will last for generations.

Sunset-colored lights with brutal metal framing add interesting contrast and a sense of mystery to the interior. Overall, the design of the lower floor of the Escape restaurant is an artful blend of Asian classics, artistry, and luxury, designed for nightlife and lively parties.

The Sundukovy Sisters design studio has created a space combining elegance, art, and gastronomic pleasures, creating the perfect conditions for an “escape” from everyday to enjoy life.

The Team:
Design by: Olga and Irina Sundukovy
Art director: Lyudmila Belskikh
Lead designer: Vera Shakotko, Knara Boyakhchayn
Technical designer: Irina Ziryuk
Visualization: Vasiliy Zaikin, Olga Sasykina
Procurement: Anna Bulat
Drafters: Ekakerina Kruchinina, Maria Poltoratskaya
Project manager: Natalia Lashcheva


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