Sundukovy Sisters » ECLIPSE Saint Petersburg, Russia ECLIPSE Saint Petersburg, Russia – Sundukovy Sisters

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Opening date: February 2020

Area: 400 sq.m

Have you ever known that..?

The name of the restaurant refers to the Sun and the Moon and emphasizes the importance of the fact that to this day winemakers and farmers base their work on the phases of the celestial luminaries. A total eclipse is an extremely rare phenomenon. Just as rare and special, according to the founders of the project, should be the impression of the Eclipse.

Reflection in the design

We were inspired by the harmony of the elements of nature: the fire in the unique fireplace, the air bubbles enclosed in the lighting elements, the open ice on the bar and, at the heart of the whole project, the muted gold of the open kitchen, symbolizing everything precious that we can take from the earth.

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