Sundukovy Sisters » Concept for Ibis Styles Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. 2019 Concept for Ibis Styles Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. 2019 – Sundukovy Sisters

Concept for Ibis Styles Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. 2019

Did you know that…

 Located halfway between Barcelona and the airport, Sant Joan Despí is a quiet picturesque suburb with some unique cultural sights, attracting crowds of tourists round the year?

In the refurbishment of Novotel interiors to Ibis Styles Hotel, S+S decided to convey a vision through colored lenses, creating a design, driven by creativity and curiosity. A storyline narrated by Miro, an artist from Barcelona, immerses guests into a frisky art-gallery, featuring exclusively the brightest side of life.

Reflection in Our Design

The first impression of the lobby interior leaves us feeling like we are inside a reflection of Miro’s paintings, hence the concept’s name: “Mirroring Miro”. All around we find images inspired by his art and the artist’s favorite colors: terracotta, the color of natural ceramics breathes with the earthly heat and evokes associations with a Spanish holiday; blue reflects the sky; white serves as a canvas for bright artistic accents. An exquisite combination of soft fabrics, natural materials, glossy and matted textures, three-dimensional elements brings guests a surreal, state-of-the-art experience.

Nature was welcomed in the lobby by replanting greens from the patio to add an «outdoor picnic» feeling to the lounge zone, supplemented by warmth of fire, muted shades, cozy furniture, soft rugs and gentle light.

The unique interior mood is enhanced in guestrooms, where Sundukovy Sisters played around with graphic lines, soft shapes and bright artistic elements. Colored zoning outlines a cozy lounge space for work and leisure.

Designers built an illusion of infinity by placing a shower room in a glass cube with a reflection effect in the mirror, refracting Miro’s style. A witty round revolving door saves space and guarantees a “wow” effect that quickly spreads the word of mouth among friends of friends.

Key Points of Rejuvenation

Refurbishing a hotel from its current brand, Sundukovy Sisters had to retain the 4-star classification and work out a design that kept existing clients loyal while attracting new creative urban guests.

Assuming that guests would spend a lot of time in the lobby, S+S decided to make their holidays more diverse and introduced new elements and zones: conviviality, reception, hammock, scooter rental, a lounge area with a fireplace, a soccer table, an art table for kids and a web-corner.

In the suite, a unique WC door design solution helped optimize the space and unnecessary partitions that didn’t fit the new open space concept, were demolished.

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