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Moscow, Russia

Opening date: ​2018


Complex Task

S+S interior design and architecture studio faced a challenge to create a stylistically dynamic and modern design for a children’s café Cosmos located at the temple of Moscow Soviet trade and exhibition – VDNKH Cosmos pavilion. This tremendous building is a proper cultural heritage with marble floors and pompous groin vault ceilings, which is genuinely a great space for inspiration and creativity but can hardly fit a children’s place concept.


Matching Solution

To avoid a classical perception and realization of cosmic space theme, in their notable manner, S+S team applied some principles and patterns of a postmodern archaic Memphis Group’s style, smartly contrasting its vibrant colours and exotic elements such as flying art objects, with solid beliefs, rough shapes and massive architecture of a bygone era. With this notion, the past was carefully challenged, and the modern design found its niche among untouched curves of the elegant ceilings.


From Idea to Reality

Even though S+S team highly respect a given cultural heritage, heavy columns which were initially framing the space were covered with plasterboards to create an arc-shaped area with new rhythm and soul.

One of the restrictions studio faced was to keep the initial ceiling, inserting it into a new design concept. Challenge was accepted, and there were key elements added, such as art objects and lights, carefully measured to fit accepted weight limits.

The area was divided into two functional zones – a food area and a cafeteria to separate guests and allow café’s personnel to provide quick and attentive service.

And, of course, as a personal touch, some key elements were placed: MirrorSlav – giant friendly art object ready to capture your best selfie, catchy pattern inspired by Memphis Group style, colourful chairs and unusually shaped tables.

Photo credit: Vasiliy Khourtine

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