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Bodrum, Turkey

Opening date: 2021

Area: 805 sq.m


To go forward, rethink and reinforce on the Aegean coast the incredible success of Birds – the highest European restaurant & club situated in Moscow-city. This ambitious project creates a new format of spending your free time, combining several genres – from gastronomic shows, and immersive scenes by actors to large-scale concert performances.


We decided that Birds’ key message “every day is a holiday” should be supported by a luxurious interior – noble, mysterious and hot, like a summer night on a beautiful seashore. That is why we chose the art deco style. Its philosophy is very close to Birds’ promises to the guests: to surprise with visual effects and captivate with the euphoria of vital energy. In order not to distract attention from the show we made the interior virtually monochrome, creating a perfect stage for the daily changing event program.


For Birds, the multifunctional high-tech space with its exquisite decorative shell, we created a colour scheme that we called “sun-scorched.” We diluted the neutral sandy beige and dusty grey hues with dark green, and added the necessary sparkle and shine with brass, glass, mirrors and numerous luminous elements.

The two-story building is located in the marina, surrounded by other entertainment venues. The design of the new place should attract guests not only from the street but also from the sea, so its terraces shine with bright lights of openwork pergola made of glowing glass spheres and brass sticks.

You can find yourself inside the show literally from the entrance. Passing the octagonal room and sparkling ice bar, the guests find themselves in the central dining hall with a bar, where we have placed a key symbol of Art Deco style – the sun, which reflects spectacular sunsets with its beams. An open kitchen can be observed from the terrace of the first floor, meanwhile, on the upper terrace, we meet the shiny point of the club: a round bar with a brass installation inside. Reflecting the sun’s glare and vibrant lights, it turns into a kind of lighthouse for yachts arriving in the harbour.

Given the theatrical-events format of the venue, we have provided a variety of scenic points: from small stages backed by plaster panels with stucco reminiscent of a bird’s feather, to podiums, suspensions and swings for musicians, actors and dancers’ performance located in the middle of guest couches.
Enticing exterior effects, exquisite shapes and images, theatricality and luxurious materials are all part of the new Birds Restaurant & Club in Bodrum. The place where you don’t need a special occasion or tight schedules to celebrate.

The team:
Design by Irina & Olga Sundukovy
Art director Lyudmila Belskikh
Designers: Olga Soinova, Yuri Popkov
Visualization by Vladimir Dimchoglo, Sergey Ivlev, Maksim Ryabtsev
Procurement by Svetlana Bats, Marina Nuzhdina
Project manager Olga Biriukova

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