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Balneological resort

Design project completed in 2018.

Sundukovy Sisters were asked to create a natural-themed interior design for a balneological centre with notes of Asia.

Balneotherapy has long been a part of the traditional medicine of many nations. Procedures mainly took place outdoors, guests bathed in hot and cold natural springs. Therefore, the natural environment of surrounding beaches and mountains was the starting point of the concept.

Nature penetrates the complex interior, creating a pleasant harmonious space. In the concept, S+S used natural patterns and materials, textured elements for contrast. Just as in nature, one element transforms into another smoothly – this creates a relaxed atmosphere and strengthens guests’ connection with the environment. Asian art and motifs make design signatures. Intimate lighting, textured elements in the decor fit harmoniously into the natural interior. For finishes, designers chose dark colours, wood and natural stone coal of shades and clear sharp lines resembling the surrounding cliffs.

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