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Did you know that…

Traditional rural architecture of Montenegro conveys a simple peasant lifestyle, in sync with nature. Self-taught builders seeked solutions to construct their dwellings in a way that adapted to the surrounding landscape, rather than interfering.

In the design concept for luxury apartments Sundukovy Sisters drew inspiration from the unique location of Montenegro, its natural forms and traditional homes, composed primarily of stone and wood.


Reflection in Our Design

Earth, stone and water are three elements, associated with Montenegro and reflected in the residential interior.

Soft wave patterns fade in and out on wall stucco, repeating mountainous Montenegrin curves. Without overpowering the elegant space, thoughtful details around the apartment appeal to visible and tactile senses. A large cozy rug adds dynamics to the overall atmosphere of calm; а flowing fringe material on an exquisite floor-lamp rocks gently in the breeze; decorative cobblestones are scattered, drawing а connection with the pebble beach nearby. А suspended terrace swing allows to enjoy а breathtaking view, while gently rocking with the sea breeze, fringe elements soaring.

A unique and functional art object, the round shower cabin, associates with the water element. A bathtub is аn unexpected, intimate secret place: an isolating partition is not seen from the entrance, but reveals hidden art to guests in their own space and time.


Key Points for Success

S+S brings tenants simple pleasures in elegant forms. Wooden tаblе slab and bedside bench, a custom-made table of natural stone work to connect residents to the regional roots through authentic textures. Soft, natural fabrics picked out thoughtfully for pillows, chaise longues and curtains are pleasant to the skin and evoke the senses.

Various decorative art elements add a bit of zest, invoking each apartment’s individual spirit. They may be changed occasionally to create a fresh design without renovation.

Natural materials and warm, earthly textures and signature details create а feeling of being one with wilderness, nestled in a cozy nook.

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