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ANDAZ | Concept
London, UK

Did you know that …

Liverpool Street is not only the third-busiest railway station in the United Kingdom and in London but also a major East London destination, where history and modernity meet, attracting both locals and city guests.

Our concept was inspired by the neighbourhood: we boldly clashed street art, graffiti and varied subcultures with а more classic, historic local influence. The combination of new and timeless gives а nod to the area’s ‘now’ whilst being proud of its roots.

Reflection in Our Design

The lobby replays a classic living room, yet altered into a modern art gallery by a blast of colour and a bit of mischief. The walls magnify the area into а giant, out-of-scale art space with classic paintings overlaid with modern neon elements. Traditional style floors, wallpaper and mouldings quiet down the creative roar, while the classic fireplace playfully offers alcohol, rather than fire, to heat things up. The top of the bar is accented with the Andaz logo.

We shortened the existing pots and spurted picturesque blots to blend them into the new space. The plants were changed to make the landscaping more regular in the style of an English garden.

Key points for success

In the bar zone, we added an island for food and beverages, accessible from all sides. This way, guests can move around it, while barmen can serve guests from different points. The zone is multifunctional: when no big events are taking place, the bar sash is concealed with modern graphics.

А multipurpose zone on the second floor will be a great place for collective brainstorming or one-on-one business meetings. For more comfort and isolation “meeting rooms” can be separated with mobile partitions, showing classic art in modern interpretation, while shelves may be moved to adjust the layout if necessary.

We proposed to use existing furniture as much as possible and simply re-upholster the soft kind, taking a sustainable approach.

By bringing exterior elements inside the building and mingling classics with modern art, we created a space where each floor and every corner becomes an Insta-worthy point.

The Team:
Design by Irina and Olga Sundukovy

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