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In crafting the design for Amber Restaurant, Sundukovy Sisters faced the formidable challenge of blending opulence with intimacy while maintaining an exclusive atmosphere akin to a high-end Japanese lacquer box. Their goal was to fashion a space in Moscow that seamlessly married refinement with seclusion, perfectly complementing the unique cuisine offered, centered around a Japanese robata grill and skilled sushi chefs. Here’s the revised passage without the mention of a Japanese lacquer box:


The primary objective for Sundukovy Sisters in designing Amber Restaurant was to create a distinctive and unprecedented space in Moscow, aligning seamlessly with the unique cuisine to be offered. The goal was to fashion an environment that was both refined and upscale, yet secluded and slightly concealed from the public eye. Central to the concept was the emphasis on a Japanese robata grill and skilled sushi chefs as the main attractions, with a desire for patrons to witness the culinary artistry at a chef’s table.


One of the main challenges faced by the design team was to strike a balance between opulence and intimacy. The need to integrate an open kitchen while maintaining an air of exclusivity presented a creative challenge. Additionally, the goal to design a space that exuded sophistication and exclusivity required careful selection of materials, textures, and lighting to achieve the desired modern interpretation.

Design Solutions

To address the challenges at hand, Sundukovy Sisters devised a monochromatic interior with hand-painted abstract patterns to create an elegant, yet unobtrusive atmosphere. The introduction of vaulted ceilings strategically highlighted the open kitchen as the focal point. The P-shaped counter, adorned with contrasting natural stone, not only framed the culinary spectacle but also cleverly played with floor heights to enhance seating comfort.

The incorporation of a salt block wall, illuminated to reflect the restaurant’s name, served as a striking design element. The furniture, carefully selected for its resemblance to precious jewelry boxes, featured rare textures of wood, leather, and fabric. To seamlessly integrate storage spaces, glass dividers and railings added a touch of luxury while maintaining a discreet appearance.

Opening date: September 2022
Design by Irina and Olga Sundukovy
Art director Valeria Rykova
Lead designer Anastasia Bolshakova
Designer Tatiana Markovich
Visualization by Sergey Ivlev, Olga Sasykina, Vladimir Dimchoglo
Procurement manager Svetlana Bats
Drafters: Katerina Avdeeva, Nikita Chechurov, Ekaterina Kruchinina
Project manager Natalia Lashcheva


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