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ACCOR Office
Dubai, UAE

Design project completed in 2019.

Did you know that …

Interest in workspaces has boomed significantly over the past eight years? Modern offices are moving further away from rigid aesthetics than ever before.

People of “new sincerity”, one of the natural, thus, everlasting, trends in interior design, described by Irina and Olga Sundukovy, are reinventing workspaces to meet the needs of society. The contemporary Accor Office in Dubai sets a clear vision of where interior design of workplaces is heading in the not-so-distant future.

Reflection in Our Design

Unanimous with the client’s preferences, S+S rejected enclosed isolated spaces by introducing a dynamic, asymmetrical layout, which embraces collaboration.

The central living room and kitchen zone welcomes office guests and employees with a truly homelike feeling. Varied seating – comfortable lounge and work-driven – is arranged here. А large communal table with different style chairs fits up to twenty people. Micro meeting spaces in this zone allow small work sessions for 2-4 people. Guests can browse through the library shelves or approach the fresh juice & coffee bar, where qualified baristas will serve them a drink.

The right wing houses a spacious meeting room, a generous open space area with 60-70 working places and three small offices of the co-founders. Two additional meeting rooms with and an open space area are placed in the left wing, featuring exercise bikes with mini tables for laptops for those who choose to stay true to their lifestyle while at work. Acoustic telephone booths with light and greenery serve as cozy nooks for private teleconferences.

Most furniture is bespoke, based on custom drawings created by S+S studio, and made of natural materials – wooden tables and shelves, cozy armchairs and sofas of leather and soft textile.

Projects of lush greenery and light, worked out specifically for this modern space, set an overall soft and warm ambiance. A suspended ceiling construction houses plants. Light is directed in some places, while dispersed in others.  A metal net, featured on ceiling and walls, filters light to create a special magic feel.

Unique graffiti prints, varied but in one style, appear playfully on closets, tables and even floors, leaving janitors in fruitless attempts to scrub them off. Felt pockets are attached to table sides to make serious document-keeping a bit more fun. Funky asymmetric carpets bring in some playfulness into everyday routine.

Key Points for Success

One of the key ideas, outlined to Sundukovy Sisters by the CEO, was that employees should feel free to approach him at any given time and not be obligated to stick to any specific workstation. Ergonomics were key. Thus, multifunctional, versatile workspaces were thought through, featuring various meeting rooms from two to fifteen people and allowing flexibility.

A lit Accor Brand wall is incorporated into a long shelve stand, raising the brand recognition even more. A large LED-screen in the central area serves promotional purposes during the day, but can be turned into a movie theater in the evening or act as a background for groovy tunes, coming from a DJ mixer on a suspended table.

A vibrant ambiance of the contemporary Accor office with an open minded and fresh design creates an environment that gives rise to collaboration and attracts new talents to the company, advanced as it is.

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