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Hotel Ibis Styles, Tbilisi. 2016

Sheep, mountains and rooftops as the main components of the Georgian happy mood in our new Ibis Styles Tbilisi

Task - Creation of design of the new budget hotel Ibis, located in the historical center of Tbilisi. Complexity - the hotel should harmoniously fit in with the architecture and the style of old Tbilisi and in the shortest possible time become a new anchor for the guests and the residents of the city. Idea - Georgia is a country of bright colors, a rich cuisine and a famous tradition of hospitality. The bright interior will reflect the variety of shades of the Georgian landscape and folk art, and the visiting card Ibis Tbilisi will be a unique art object what will attract the attention of street passers-by. Another move that would be interesting not only for the guests is an open restaurant on the roof overlooking the mountains and old Tbilisi.


In order for the new hotel to be remembered from the first visit, in the double-lighted space of the lobby we settled a unique art object - a huge cheerful sheep, made of a set of round white lamps hanging from the ceiling at different levels. Landing of the lobby under the sheep is made in the form of an amphitheater, whose step-like layout resembles the differences in mountain drops. We took into account all the requirements and the nuances associated with the zoning. In the lobby there is a web-corner where you could go online and print the documents; conviviality- zone gives the guests the opportunity to drink tea and coffee with delicious cookies. The search for everything is not irritating, but intuitively "readable" by the guest. Particular emphasis is placed upon the selection of furniture and the materials from which it is made.
The entire hotel uses LED lighting to save the electricity. The sanitary equipment applied here assumes a limited water usage.

Suite room
The room is equipped with everything what is necessary - minibar, safe, TV. From the design point of view, we strived for maximum ergonomics and comfort for the guest.It was also important for us to continue the lively theme of the lobby, for which we combined the traditional Georgian charm and modern minimalism. The lineaments of the landscape on the walls are made up of bright geometric shapes. The room is filled with the light and warm colors.
The chair at the desktop is fluffy, with a cloak of wool - it helps to feel at home. The interior of the room helps to relax

A restaurant
A rooftop restaurant on the roof is an ideal place to relax. In the center of the restaurant we arranged a contact table, along which the sheep are walking in the grass. Owing to the huge amount of greenery, the street garlands and the lamps that illuminate the space with warm light, we have achieved an amazing sense of cosiness and comfort