Concept for MGallery Jurata, Poland. 2018


Jurata is a place where the cold waters of the Baltic Sea meet the warm waters of the bay. The unique location of the picturesque sand bar inspired our design concept with its main theme – the unity of opposites. The Baltic Sea is symbolized by cold hues and hard edges, while the waters of the bay are embodied by warm colors and soft shapes.

A special place in the lobby is dedicated to the bar, with its central part repeating the shape of the Jurata sand bar. It is also a part of the main axis of the space, and this is where the two main aspects of the concept meet and mix.

The warm area is where the wavy contours and flowing lines prevail, while geometric lines are more actively pronounced in the opposite cold area.

The whole idea of the space layout is built on a harmony and fusion of opposites determined by the hotel’s location and natural surroundings.

We could not ignore the popular legend about the mermaid goddess Jurata, who the resort is named after. The legend is reflected in the accents, details, and elements of the interior, intended to highlight the local history and the town’s association with the legend. Small speckles of amber and its various allegories can be found in the reception desks and the seashell-shaped Ladies Parlor, as well as in the decorations of the lobby and the bar.

We propose using natural materials in order to emphasize the specific location of the hotel, the meditative character of the resort, as well as its focus on spa services and leisure for women.

The unique location allows the hotel’s guests to enjoy views of beautiful natural landscapes, as well as to participate in the life of the resort town, which is why each guest can find an enjoyable recreation activity.


We leave the two existing entrances to the hotel – the main street side entrance and the seaside entrance. This central axis helps emphasize our concept, which is also shown in the transition from cold to warmer hues.

We suggest changing the original layout to a somewhat more comfortable zoning. The lobby remains part of the entrance group with two reception locations. The bar was slightly moved and visually separated from the restaurant with its open kitchen. The VIP lounge was moved to a window in a more peaceful and secluded area. Its previous location is now occupied by a unique art object – the Ladies Parlor near the Spa zone.

The Bar is visually separated from the restaurant by a uniquely shaped glass wall, which helps maintain an overall perception of the space.

Layout bullet points (to make it easier to understand our descriptions, you can see the layouts and visualizations that illustrate our concept):

1)      The Hel Peninsula is in the center of the axis. On the right is the Bay of Puck – the wavy coastline. On the left is a straight coastline. This is reflected in the shape of the bar itself, as well as of the zones beyond it. I.e., the smoother shapes (warm) are on the right. And the more geometrical ones (cold) are on the left. There is a sort of stela or tower, two stories tall, in the center of the bar, symbolizing the fusion of the cold and the warm.

2)     The entrances are connected on the ceiling with direct art – a chameleon from cold to warm (to link and soothe the abundance of shapes and materials of the lobby). And in accordance with a map, the lower entrance is facing the sunset, while the upper one is facing the sunrise.

3)     The VIP lounge is a reflection of one of the Mgallery points – this is a sublimation, not a renovation: we strive to invent the past more than just to keep it. A bit of classics in resin (amber). The classic style is good for VIPs.

4)     The warm SPA – the floor or maybe the ceiling can be an imitation of sand in the shallow waters.

5)     The bar seating is fancier, more luxurious – a reference to the Jurata legend. An amber castle on the bottom of the sea (especially since the bar seating is right next to the somewhat maritime design of the restaurant)

6)     The soft, cool restaurant with flecks of light on the water.


We designed two layout options for bathrooms.

The first option is for a special type of room that highlight the hotel’s focus on spa services.

The room’s layout makes it possible to separate three fully functional zones: the bathroom zone, the bedroom, and the living room.

We wanted to offer a layout idea with a bathroom, but we were limited by the terms of the task. This is why we tried to imagine what could replace a bathtub for a woman, so we created a cozy relaxation nook with a spa bench for experiencing different color effects of light, where the guest can spend some time pampering herself.

A custom open sink and an amber walk-in curved-glass shower complement the design concept of the bathroom.

The bed is positioned to allow guests to admire the view – they can open their eyes and greet the sunrise.

The second option is more standard. It suggests a multi-functional element that can be used as a vanity or as toiletry and makeup storage. It can also serve as a bench or an additional surface for beauty rituals.

Natural materials, distinctive shapes and textures, and an intricate color palette that includes elegant cold and warm colors allow each guest to feel special. She is sure to enjoy the daily beauty rituals in an esthetic space and to feel the comfort of taking advantage of the special elements of the bathroom, which she will definitely want to experience again.




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